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Time to Beau’st! – Beau’s Brewing Co. is here!

Beau's Brewing Co.Aug 17, 2017:

The start of a “made up” long weekend for some and in true Canadian fashion, upon arriving, the first thing to be unloaded is….beer, big Beau-tiful kegs.   Beau’s Brewing Co. has arrived for their Annual Meeting!

We always get a grin seeing these guys.  It’s a good feeling, like seeing family getting together for the Uncle’s B-day or the parents Anniversary.  There is always the familiar faces as with any family…the clown or in this case the Banana (Brian M).   Aunt B (Kelly M) holding everyone together and reminding them of where they came from.  The wanna-B Chef 😉 (Steve M) and not to be left out the fearless leader and instigator of fun (Chris R.)

Thanks for joining us guys – cheers to you!


Time to Beau’st! – Beau’s Brewing Co. is here!

July 16, 2017

Saying good-bye to a wonderful family today. We are all standing at reception waiting for Papa bird to feed the “nesting giraffes” as we are now calling them – thanks Kateri!  Took him a while to stop chirping at us, his audience, but he finally got on with the show and the kids got fed.


Rocket Robin and The Nesting Giraffes….hehe good band name.

Birds & Bands

July 14, 2017

Nothing is quite as good as the smell of fresh roasted coffee.  I picked up our order at Madawaska Coffee Co yesterday and brought home a few boxes of heaven.  Our reception area smells divine! 🙂  We treat Lodge guests to in room coffee and offer our cottage guests the chance to sample Neil and Sarah’s amazing small-batch roasted goodness.  More often than not our guests go away with a smile, a bag of beans and cup of liquid gold in their hands.  If your curious about this great local find stop by and see Neil & Sarah at their Cafe on Kelly st in Barry’s Bay….I’m waiting for them to install a hammock for my pick up days lol

Oh that heavenly smell……

July 7, 2017:

One foot in front of the other, making my way to the lodge, listening to the sound of the wind in the trees and quiet silence before the day truly begins……

”Good morning Mama, tweet tweet” (Tweet tweet is NOT how I whistle but how do you spell the sound of a whistle lol).

We have a Lady Robin looking after her bright blues up high in the carport.  She and I say hello every morning 😀 …..well at least I do – she just gives me the hairy eyeball lol.